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You're smothered in tragedy

and you're off to save the world

15 October
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80's hair metal, abc soaps, abnormal hair colors, anything metallica, axl rose's shimmy, black, black armwarmers, black lipstick, black makeup, black pants, black shirts, blood, bloody movies, bondage pants, child's play series, crue 2005, daniel johns, david spade, david spade's hair, david spade's voice, duff mckagan, duff's hair, dvds, electric guitars, evanescene, fuzz, glam rock, gnr, gnr icons, gollum, gothic, guitars, guns n roses, guys with long hair, hairmetal, hanson, harry potter, heavy metal, heavy music, hobbits, hot topics, icons computers, if i die tomorrow, internet, jason newsted, jaymz hetfield, jncos, kirk hammet, kittie, korn, lars ulrich, leonardo dicaprio, lilo and stitch, live and let die, livejournal, livewire, loud music, madison, making icons, matthew lillard, mercedes lander, metallica, micheal andrew mckagan, mick mars, morgan lander, motley crue, music posters, music tshirts, musicians, my best friends, my dog, my family, my neice, my sisters, nikki sixx, nothing else matters, november rain, orlando bloom, patience, punk, red white and crue, ride the lightening, rob trujillo, rob zombie, rpgs, rupert grint, sanitarium, sanitarium tour, scooby doo, silverchair, skateboarders, slash, spiked collars, stephen, stitch, sweet child o mine, tabbi, talena atfield, the fellowship, tommy lee, tommy lee's body, tommy lee's tattoos, tommy lee's voice, until it sleeps, velvet revolver, vince neil, vince neil's voice, vincent kartheiser, w. axl rose, white zombie